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Intelligent Water enables you to remotely track the status of the handpump wells in your WASH program. Our IW dashboard delivers timely data to your field management personnel for successful WASH projects. With increased uptime on your handpumps, the people you serve will have consistent access to the social and economic benefits of clean, available water.

A diagram showing how Intelligent Water works


Since 2012 Intelligent Water has partnered with non-governmental organizations to deploy remote sensing technology for delivery of real-time data about handpump functions, such as water volume pumped and leak rate. With accurate, actionable data about each of your wells centralized in one dashboard, the overall performance of your well program can be monitored efficiently. Additionally, maintenance and repair resources can be deployed more strategically to increase water source reliability.


A hand-pumped water well brings the promise of important economic and social benefits. A broken pump represents a broken promise. We would like to partner with you to keep the promise of water and its benefits flowing to the people you serve.

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